Deck refinishing


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When you are living on a deck, you have to remember that a layer of old finish does not last forever. You'll need to refresh the look of your old patio to maintain its long lifespan and make it look like brand new. At Luxury Home Improvements (LHI), we have the professionals that you need to carry out your patio renovation project.

How often should you refinish the deck?

Refinish your deck once every two to three years. It’s not necessary to get this work done every year unless the sealant wears off quickly. Even if it rains every other day for an entire year, your deck will remain well protected from the harsh weather.



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What you should do before refinishing the deck

First, clean the deck’s surface. Remove nearly a year’s accumulation of dirt and debris. A totally clean surface is needed to ensure that the sealant works effectively. Using a pressure washer is highly recommended to remove tough, ingrained stains

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Our experienced LHI professionals have been renovating decks for many years. They will ensure that every inch of your deck is protected from top to bottom. You don't have to spend extra money on repairing wood that is rotted, scratched, or splintered. At LHI, we serve customers with their refinishing and renovation needs in various locations in PA.
Deck refinishing in West Chester, PA from Luxury Home Improvements

Why an LHI professional is needed

Very few people can undertake a refinishing project on their own. Our LHI professional is qualified to carry out every step of the process, which starts with removing the old finish and ends with drying the newly finished deck.

Many mistakes can occur when refinishing a deck yourself. Even if you’re using a high-pressure spray applicator, you could miss a few gaps in between the boards. These gaps will be unprotected from various elements, such as:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Dirt
  • Wood-eating insects